Shipment order (UK)

You have finished filling in all the details to register the shipment.

After clicking on the "confirmation" below, the form can be sent.

What happens then?

1) Tranzporter checks whether date / time shipment can be provided. If this is not the case, you will receive a feedback soon. If the shipment can be arranged, you will receive a payment request via SMS.

2) After receiving the payment, it is confirmed to the contact person for this shipment.

3) The shipment will be delivered.

4) After completing shipment you will receive a signed confirmation of receipt and the invoice by mail.

Should the payment be made by someone else than you as a contact person for this shipment? Use the option "Number for SMS payment" below.

Is the telephone number (mobile) you provided as a contact also valid for receiving an SMS payment request? If you choose "no" you can enter an additional mobile phone number of a person authorized to make a payment.
You have checked all entered data such as addresses, telephone numbers, date and time for correctness. You ensure that the shipment is available for transport on the indicated date / time. The shipment meets the maximum dimensions and weight. Has taken note of the general terms and conditions that apply to the execution of a transport by TRANZporter.