Shipment order (UK)

Datum zending
Time pick-up shipment (example: 07:00 or 14:30)
If the pickup / delivery address of your organization differs from the organization address then select "yes" so that you can enter an alternative address.
Country shipment
Enter (if applicable) additional information regarding transport: info access to premises / entrance, contact details on location or other relevant information.

Information about weight / size and content of shipment / packer:

- Maximum shipment weight is 200 kilograms (including packaging).

- Maximum weight of 1 package is 20 kilograms including packaging.

- Maximum shipment size is 140 cm long, 95 cm wide, 95 cm high, including packaging.

- For multiple packages, the size of all packages must not exceed the maximum size of the shipment.

- Shipment may not be packed on a pallet and packages must be able to be picked up separately.

- Packages must be packed in an outer box, not the product packaging.

- Content of shipment must be in accordance with the generally applicable transport regulations, such as: no live animals, no weapons, no ammunition, no illegal substances prohibited by law, etc (the sender is liable for violating these rules).

Total weight shipment in kilograms. ATTENTION: maximum 200 kilograms for the entire shipment!
Give brief content shipment.
Total number of packages in shipment (note: max weight of 1 package is 20 kilograms) NO PALLET!
Indicate the value of shipment in Euros.
Indicate the length of the total shipment in centimeters. MAX for shipment = 140 cm!
Indicate the width of the total shipment in centimeters. MAX for shipment = 95 cm!
Indicate the height of the total shipment in centimeters. MAX for shipment = 95 cm!
Do you want to use your own order number? This number is then used for the shipment and on the invoice. If you do not use this, TRANZporter uses its own order number for the shipment (this order number will also be the final invoice number).

You have chosen to "bring" (shipment from your own location to elsewhere).

This shipment is picked up at your organization and taken to the organization below.

Name external organization
Street external organisation
Zip code external organisation
Country external organisation
Phone number external organisation
House number external organisation
Town external organisation
Additional information external organisation: fill in information about external organization such as contact person, registration, accessibility, etc.